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CVESD – Three Years Of Promoting Excellence

Three Years Of Promoting Excellence

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is a dedicated organization that provides each and every student with high-quality instruction and encourages them to be difference makers in their community. Every year, CVESD is trying to create new innovative programs to help improve the quality of their education across the district. Thanks to this innovation, CVESD has been the recipient of many educational awards, with many success stories of students doing great things. The Target River team is proud to be working with such a devoted organization for the past three years.

To help promote all the wonderful things that go on every day at CVESD, we created a target marketing campaign that would help strengthen their brand within the community. This campaign assisted CVESD by promoting the great educational programs that are offered to each student in the district. Parents throughout the district were shown all the wonderful things these programs were designed to do and saw firsthand the impact it had on their children. Not only did this campaign showcase how great the education was but it shared all the success and awards received to prospective families within the community.

This campaign was successful because it highlighted success stories of students doing tremendous things inside and outside the classroom to the entire community. Thanks to these stories, CVESD has been the recipients of many educational awards such as: the US Department of Education National Blue-Ribbon School, California Exemplary District Award, and a Gold Ribbon School from the California Department of Education. With the community being exposed to all the wonderful things going on at CVESD, they have seen consistent growth in their student enrollments throughout the district.

We look forward to continuing sharing the CVESD story and improving their enrollments for many years to come. If your business has a great story, visit www.targetriver.com or contact us today to learn how we can effectively share your story to customers in your community.

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