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At Target River, we are laser-focused on delighting your school system with extraordinary results. We accomplish this through the most state-of-the-art targeted marketing and messaging to reach your stakeholders and generate the desired outcomes.


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Why Target River

  • We have a 97% success rate in passing bonds and levies
  • 98% of the jobs we promote are filled within 30 days
  • 100% of the time, we attract new students
  • Numerous State Level and National level award winning creative and campaigns
  • Our team includes individuals who have served as Superintendent, Site Principal, Board Member, Communications Director, District Advisory Council Member and more.

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100% Success Rate In
Stabilizing Enrollment

Our expertise lies in creating bespoke marketing campaigns that not only draw attention but also significantly increase existing student retention and student enrollment. By understanding and highlighting the unique values and opportunities of your schools, we ensure that students and their families are fully aware of what makes your schools the right choice for them.



97% Bond Passage Rate

When it comes to bond / levy campaigns, our targeted marketing efforts are designed to produce extraordinary election results with a success rate over 97%. We understand the importance of these campaigns in securing the necessary funding for schools and work diligently to garner community support and approval.



98% Job Vacancies Filled
Within One Month

In the critical area of staff recruitment, Target River excels in crafting highly targeted marketing initiatives. These campaigns aim to attract a larger pool of candidates, not just in quantity but also in quality, for all types of positions. Our approach ensures that you gain access to passionate professionals ready to contribute to your schools.



1.4% Increase In Daily

We all know the impact being at school has on the learning as well as social and emotional health for a child, but in many states it greatly impacts funding as well. We know how to deliver a long lasting boost to your attendance, positively impacting all important factors.



96% Renewal Rate

Do you need a new logo or brand guide for your system or a school? How about video content to promote a school site or program? Maybe other materials such as direct mail, newsletters letterhead, signage or wraps for vehicles. Let the award-winning creative team help you!




Jer bates

Director of Communications
Review Stars

“The team applied itself to understanding who we are, identifying our needs and helped us realize how to leverage our abilities and resources to realize our potential. All of Target River’s associates exhibit the same sincere care for our most important stakeholders, our students, personified by Brian and his leadership.”


Diana Cornejo-Sanchez

High Tech High
Review Stars

We are so grateful for our partnership with Target River. The team is so responsive and well informed. They are up to date on the newest communication strategies and are intentional in the work they produce. Their content and stories are relevant as they consistently review data to understand what is resonating with the audiences. Their collaborative approach with our organization allows for rich stories to emerge through film, photos, newsletters and social media posts!


Beth Parker Jimenez

Communications Specialist
Review Stars

“Our partnership with Target River resulted in a TK/Kindergarten enrollment campaign that reached a broad yet focused audience who were most likely to respond to our district’s unique offerings. The process was easy and the outcome positive, with increased interest in both our early education programs and our district overall.”


JEnnilyn derbidge

Review Stars

“The Target River team has been a fantastic marketing team. They have communicated and educated me on all steps of the process. I was grateful for their openness to feedback as we worked to ensure the campaign captured our branding. They gave us suggestions for website improvements and they adapted the campaign in order to receive top results. I highly recommend Target River.”


Nichole pichardo

Communications and Public Information Officer
Review Stars

“Collaborating to address an anticipated enrollment decline, Target River executed a comprehensive marketing strategy through social media, radio, TV, and direct mail. Despite projecting a loss of nearly 150 students, we experienced a marginal decrease of fewer than five students from the previous year. This success underscores Target River's strategic approach and innovative solutions.”


Christine Paik

Chief Communications Officer
Review Stars

"I worked with Target River on the rebranding/redesign of all of our schools and District logos and branding guides. We were very happy with the end results. Their designers are responsive and talented.”


Donald Bendz

Director of Communications
Review Stars

“They are a great team to work with who are incredibly knowledgeable in school marketing.”

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