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The best marketing strategy for a business can surely be found with us. Our #WhoHowWhat strategy is the greatest formula to help simplify the advertising process and provide positive results. We use this strategy to help all kinds of industries thrive. Let us help your business grow!
A digital marketing agency takes care of your advertising needs from the digital side of things. For example, we offer a variety of digital marketing solutions from SEO implementation to video ad production. You can leave the digital marketing to us as you focus more on your business’ needs.
Keeping your website active is essential for search engines to promote it. A website should always have the most up-to-date information and should be changed regularly, even if there isn’t anything new to add. Search engines reward sites that remain engaged which can in turn increase rank to your website.
An SEO agency uses search engine optimization tools to deeply analyze the most high-performing keywords within a specific subject and adds them as often as possible to pages on its clients’ websites. By doing this, clients’ sites will be shown earlier on Google search results, giving them more exposure and therefore more business.
Pay-per-click advertising is an affordable form of advertising in which marketers pay a small fee every time their advertisement is clicked. Paid search marketing gives businesses the ability to advertise their brand on the list of sponsored ads when a certain phrase is searched.
Email marketing is a method of marketing that is still high-performing to this day. Businesses simply create a newsletter and ask prospective customers to sign up for it, or they keep the emails of past customers who ordered online. With the proper copywriting and design teams, email promotions can be highly effective.
Brand marketing is a strategic plan that includes a company’s process of developing a brand identity by highlighting its brand as a whole while advertising certain products or services. This is the best strategy to raise brand awareness and develop brand loyalty with customers.
The three types of radio advertising are live reads, sponsorships, and produced spots. Each type is unique, with live reads being ads by radio personalities, sponsorships being things like weather reports with a mention of the sponsoring company, and spots, which are the basic radio ads with dialogue or jungles.
There are various TV Advertising tactics available to get your message out! A few examples include Cable, Broadcast, OTT, Connected TV, Social, and In-App. Each channel has something unique to offer in terms of advertising, and depending on your target audience, could be a great option for you!
With 71% of people consciously looking at Billboard ads while driving, they are definitely effective! Billboards paired with other forms of advertising like SEO can be especially helpful in spreading awareness and acquiring new customers. Depending on your target market, Billboards can be a great way to spread the word!
A Direct Mail Marketing Strategy entails sending offline materials like postcards, mailers, or other physical items directly to a customer to spread awareness or generate interest. Direct mail works for many businesses as it helps cut through the digital clutter and stand out among the many messages pushed at consumers.
Reach in Marketing is the number of people an ad, blog, social post, etc, is seen by. This metric differs from impressions, which is the number of times an ad has been seen total, not the number of people that have seen it.
Measuring ROI in social media marketing can be difficult but not impossible! Tracking website visitors and then conversions through Google Analytics will help you see the effects of your social media efforts. You can also use the classic formula: Profit/total investment X 100 =social media ROI
Graphic design is the creation of static elements like magazines, posters, or logos, while digital design entails the creation of animated elements with visual and audio effects. Both design strategies are essential for consistent designs and branding across the board.
To qualify for Google Ad Grants, you must be a verified charity and have current 501(c)(3) status). In addition to that, you must have a high-quality website to direct traffic to and agree to Google's policies for advertising.
Video Marketing is a forward-facing marketing tactic that can be used to spread awareness, peak interest, and increase conversions. Video content is especially engaging to customers and can be a very valuable tool to tell stories on social channels, websites, etc.
A full-service marketing agency has the capability to handle all aspects of marketing, from digital tactics to traditional tactics, PR services, and analytics. Full-service marketing agencies also provide services like branding and strategy to guide companies in all of their advertising efforts.
Traditional marketing is any kind of non-digital advertising. Traditional marketing includes using channels like TV, Radio, Billboards, direct mail to reach an audience. While digital marketing has become a large force to be reckoned with, traditional tactics are still very valuable in delivering results and reaching targeted audiences.