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Multi Screen Advertising Done Right: How Businesses Can Profit From Media Consumption Trends

Multi Screen Advertising Done Right

Over the past 10 years, the number of screens in the average consumer’s life has increased from a single electronic device to multiple interconnected devices. Today’s consumers have the option to communicate with businesses using numerous forms of technology, including their computer, mobile phone, tablet, television, and even their watch.

As a result of this shift in consumer habits, multiscreen advertising campaigns have become much more prominent and have encouraged businesses to accommodate their campaigns for multiple screens and modes of media consumption.

Targeting potential clients on various devices can be tricky and requires careful research to identify the right audience, message, and device to make the advertisement most effective. However, multiscreen advertising also provides businesses with the unique opportunity to create and repurpose content for countless gadgets and online platforms.

With TargetTV, businesses can upgrade their marketing campaign for a multi screen audience and improve a commercial’s return on investment by linking viewers to an official website or shopping page, capturing IP addresses for future retargeting, avoiding fees when a viewer changes the channel, getting free companion banners, checking when video engages and loses interest, split testing different versions of a videos, redirecting traffic to a video channel where playlists await, controlling what comes up at the end of a video, and engaging with online consumers.

Businesses can also define an audience with more than 250 targeting options, including geo-fencing, age, gender, language, income, interests, purchase intentions, and political preferences. Switching to multi screen advertising can help businesses cost efficiently to produce and optimize content, so it receives greater traffic and generates more leads for lower costs.

According to the State of Traditional TV Viewing report, consumers ages 18-24 are watching 43.6% less television since 2012 while the viewing time for consumers ages 12-17 and 25-49 has also dropped during the past five years. However, the study also found that people are allocating their viewing time to other devices and are still influenced by traditional media.

TargetTV helps businesses capture these audiences and expand its customer base by offering an array of services that target specific demographics on the right devices.

To learn more about TargetTV and how to go multiscreen, visit our Solutions page or call (619) 330-0153.

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