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University came to us looking to improve on their previous SEO efforts. Operating in a highly competitive market, they wanted to improve overall rankings for targeted keywords and expand into a younger market to breathe new life into their website. The university hired Target River to improve its domain authority (DA) and overall keyword performance. They were lagging behind their competitors in both areas of their website and wanted to take action. When University partnered with Target River, it had a DA of 41 and ranked for an estimated 35,000 keywords. Those numbers aren’t bad, but we knew they could be better.


  • Leveraging Algorithm Update to Boost Organic Traffic on Top Pages Before starting our SEO campaigns, University was already a well-established website with respectable organic traffic numbers. However, the thousands of pages, the website speed wasn’t enough to sustain accelerated growth, especially for specific pages on the domain. Our goal was to increase traffic to those pages while steadily increasing the overall number of keywords for the website.
  • Getting Links from High-authority Domains Acquiring backlinks from websites with little domain authority is easy. Getting links from established websites that have asserted their online value is more difficult, but it’s the best way to improve domain authority and sustain that improvement over a long period of time. And for a website like University’s, which already had some authority, it’s really the only way. That’s why Target River focused solely on websites with a domain authority greater than 30, and many had a domain authority greater than 50.


104 Million Impressions in 12 months University earned over 2.83M clicks from 104M million impressions for their highest priority keyword.
  • SEO
  • Impression :104 Million
  • Clicks :2.83M
  • Page One Keywords :28,860
  • Organic Traffic: Up by 128%
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