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PPC Services

Discover a cost-effective way to boost your company’s exposure with TargetPPC by Target River. Harness the power of pay-per-click (PPC) search ads on platforms like Google and Bing to generate leads and reach your target audience. TargetPPC ensures your ads are optimized with the right keywords to attract customers searching for your businesses. Our marketing experts will help you make the most out of your ads, determining the best strategies to attract customers and maximize cost-effectiveness. Contact Target River today and let our team elevate your company with our exceptional TargetPPC service.

At Least 48% Of Digital Ad Spend Is Wasted. Put A Stop To That By Working With The PPC Experts At Target River.

Pay-per-click search ads on Google & Bing generate approximately 50% more lead conversions than organic web traffic.

As a digital ad agency, not only are we determined to bring more exposure to your company and, consequently, more business, but we are also determined to do this in the most cost-efficient way possible. We create desktop, mobile, shopping, and dynamic campaigns for Bing and Google ads. We create the right ad copy, campaign structure, and bid strategies around the time of day, device type, goals, and more. Get a free analysis of your PPC spend from our experts!

As you research different marketing agencies, keep in mind the success that Target River has had in not only its advertising for clients but also its SEO website content, social media content, etc. We are a target ad agency with a team determined to ensure your ads are shown to the correct target audience. If you try to do the behind-the-scenes ad creation on your own, you may be unaware of how to ensure those ads are being 1. appropriately communicated and 2. shown to the correct target audience. Hire a team of professionals from a digital ad agency. Target River is an ad agency with multiple groups of professionals specializing in specific marketing sectors. Not all digital ad agencies have separate teams that focus on precise parallels of marketing.

Our PPC Services include the following:

Keyword Research

Our team has the tools and skills to search for the best keywords to make Search Ads effective and efficient. We customize our efforts for each client to find the phrases and terms that will work best through search engine optimization tools. Our keyword research is a vital part of the TargetPPC process. We also factor in organic traffic to see where we need to lean on paid clicks and where we can allow organic clicks to support our clients. We believe that with our deep research of high-performing keywords, we are the best PPC agency around. We are a digital ad agency with a team of brilliant professionals that want nothing but the best for your business’s success.


For each campaign, our team takes the time to identify the target audiences we want our search ads to appear to, going beyond just bidding purely off a keyword searched for. As an ad agency, we want to make your company transcend others, and to do that, we need to strategically place your ads to reach the right communities.


Many businesses have multiple products that need some love. We understand that and provide you with the opportunity to start a micro-campaign for them. We can also create a campaign targeting a particular city, state, or small neighborhood. Our ability to create large-scale marketing campaigns and micro-campaigns makes us a great choice as a digital ad agency.

Target River is not only a digital marketing agency but also a PPC company in Salt lake City, Utah, with deep knowledge of how to make the most out of your ads with the least amount of money. PPC is a great marketing tactic for most businesses, alongside increasing social media content. We are a PPC agency that will create your ads and strategize where they will go, when they will go out, and who will see them. Hire our team of PPC professionals at Target River, a digital ad agency. We will actively seek your feedback on ads before we officially launch campaigns. End your search for “marketing agencies” or “digital ad agencies” today. Call Target River, a PPC company and target ad agency that is enthusiastic about making ads that lead to your company’s success.

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