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Website Design Services

When researching a brand, the most effective approach is to explore the company’s website. An eye-catching design, seamless functionality, and appealing products can lead to more time spent on the site. Elevate your website to stand out among  businesses with TargetWeb by Target River. Our team of graphic designers and SEO experts ensures your website leaves a distinct and memorable impression on visitors. Transform your website and watch your business grow! Contact us today to get started with TargetWeb.

Get More Sales, Clicks, and Customers With Web Design Services

Websites are the first thing a customer uses to get to know your brand. Make sure your website design stands out amongst the millions of others with TargetWeb!

First Impressions Matter | Web Development & Design

Fundamentally, graphic design gives expression to communication. It takes what’s boring and makes it pop. It conveys information in an easy-to-understand and captivating way. It shows up hundreds of times a day in our daily lives.

A well-designed website can help you make a good impression on your prospective customers. It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions. But, more importantly, it provides a good user experience and helps your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease.

59% of the global population, or 4.57 billion people, are active internet users. They all have high expectations when it comes to websites and online businesses.

If you don’t have a visually appealing, easy-to-use, or well-performing website, then the odds are you’re not appealing to those 4.57 billion potential customers, and you’re certainly not competing against the millions of other sites. And if you’re not competing, no one is noticing you. Good news, though: TargetWeb can fix this.

With responsive web design in mind, we can create a website built to bring in more customers. Site speed, structure, formatting, images, colors, calls to action, words, form positioning, and more. They all play into CRO (conversion rate optimization). For more on CRO and why it boosts your business, click here (link to this: https://www.targetriver.com/conversion-rate-optimization).

In layman’s terms, CRO is the process of turning online bystanders into loyal customers. That’s why it’s so important for web design to be responsive and to have a good web design agency standing by your side.

Benefits of website design services

If you’ve ever wondered why it really matters to have a stunning web design, then here are a few reasons to think about:

  1. Provide a Great First Impression

A professionally designed website influences that 94% of visitors will receive an excellent first impression. Amateur websites can come across as unprofessional and less credible.

  1. Keep Up with the Competition

To keep up with competitors, you need a website equipped with the latest design trends and quality content that engages viewers.

  1. Boosts Revenue

A professional, well-designed website will attract visitors and help boost revenue, especially if the website is easy to navigate and understandable.

  1. Improves Search Rankings

An out-of-date website doesn’t pair well with Google’s search bots. That’s right: search bots. Google uses specific tools to understand websites and what they’re offering. If yours is outdated and not functioning properly, chances are you will not be the first site to show in the search results.

  1. Reduced Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is the time a person spends looking through a website before they leave. (Aka, before they bounce). A professional website design attracts visitors to your site and helps keep them there.

Website Construction Or Redesign May Include:

  • Backend setup of website structure, pages, and functions.
  • Support in crafting content
  • Functionality
  • Responsiveness, which ensures a website looks great and functions across all size devices
  • Organization of content based on marketing goals
  • Selection of relevant images, appropriately placed
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Upload of finished and approved site to live server that the client will host the website on
  • Set up and configuration of contact form submissions and testing
  • Adjustments made during the project through the public launch

When searching for a web design agency, they mustn’t just make the website look good; it has to be functional, built to convert, and customer-experience friendly. Don’t settle for an agency that does the bare minimum.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

We build a solid foundation for organic searches on major search engines like Google and Bing through our Foundational SEO Package, which includes services such as:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags
  • Alt tags
  • Canonical tags
  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Schema markup
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics established with event and goal tracking
  • Creation and submission of 75 online directories
  • Keyword and competitor analysis

Schema markup, XML, and canonical tags all sound complicated, maybe even overwhelming. Going back to the basics, this is all part of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO makes your website noticeable on the search engines, which is exactly what you want when showing off your new website.

Delight your audience with a professional web design that pops!

TargetWeb creates websites that are built to convert, modern, and give your business a boost on the search results page. With a custom web design or remodel, you control every aspect of your site’s functionality and experience.

Target River was recently awarded by the State of Utah in 14 different marketing categories, with graphic design being one of them.

Let 2020’s Best Marketing Agency help craft the website of your dreams.

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