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This time of year we give thanks to the people and things that make this world special to us. For our friends at Support The Enlisted Project (STEP), this is their reality everyday because they have been helping military families in financial hardships get back on their feet to become self-sufficient. We are proud to be partnered with such a great organization that is dedicated to making lives better by helping them increase their community awareness and increasing their donations through a TargetDirect campaign.

Since 2012 STEP has been assisting junior active duty enlisted members and recently discharged enlisted veterans and their families in Southern California facing financial crisis achieve long term financial self-sufficiency. STEP helps their members achieve this stability through counseling, education, and grants to alleviate critical near term obligations by reducing the stress of their financial situation. Earlier this year, STEP was awarded the 2018 Bill Trumpfheller Social Impact Award because of their dedication to serve our military and veteran families by always “doing the right thing.” To help increase their community impact, STEP implemented a TargetDirect campaign to gain more awareness within the community.

TargetDirect was able to assist STEP by reaching a targeting audience more effectively with personalized direct mail. Direct mail is still an effective method for businesses to communicate with current or potential customers because 56% of consumers find print marketing the most trustworthy type of marketing. This direct mail informed potential customers about all the amazing services offered by STEP and encouraging donations to their cause. This TargetDirect campaign was able to generate and average of seven donations per donor through direct mail engagement.

STEP is a wonderful nonprofit that is trying to make the world a better place for members of our military. Be the reason someone gives thanks this Thanksgiving by donating your time, money, or support to such a wonderful group of people. To learn more about STEP and how you can help please visit www.stepsocal.org

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