Attract Searchers & Intenders Organically


SEO juice is an asset that drives corporate value on and off the balance sheet.

Target River is skilled in three separate, yet fundamental disciplines of work.

  1. Onsite SEO
  2. Offsite SEO
  3. Relationship Management

Step 1 | Get A Custom Website Assessment - Shows You Your Holes And Where To Prioritize Our Work:
SEO Test Parameters: Tagging, Site Mapping, JavaScript, CSS, Security, Speed and Performance, HTML, Links, Content, Keyword, Images, Google Analytics Set Ups

Step 2 | Onsite Enhancements - Builds Relevance, Visitor Delight SEO Capabilities:
Meta Descriptions, Keyword Usage & Density, H1 Headers, Proper Sitemap, Page Cache, JavaScript Minification, CSS Minification, IP Cannonization, HTTPS, Site Speed & Performance, Mobile and Tablet Ready

Step 3 | Off Site Enhancements - Builds Trust, Credibility SEO Capabilities:
Keyword Identification and prioritization, Fresh Content, Reposts & Syndication, External Links, Evergreen Links, Marketing and Link Building

Focus On Relationship Management Matters
Knowing where to allocate labor for maximum impact occurs when RMs and clients review progress, discuss recommended next steps and integrate internal news and market changes that you are targeting.



Attract Searchers & Intenders Organically


Move the Organic Needle with Proven Industry SEO best practices, fresh, personal content and smart strategic planning;

The Opportunity:

  • Lower CPAs
  • Lower term value
  • Brand recognition

Getting Expectations Right:

SEO takes research, planning, execution and clear reporting. Results vary, time varies, commitment of a minimum of 6 months is the industry recommendation.

What makes Target River different?

TargetSEO - Let’s you buy with confidence and see hour by hour labor reporting. Each billing period you are armed with insight and are comfortably involved in setting focus of the team. This minimizes potential surprises and makes progress more relevant each month.


On-Site SEO - Industrial Client

  • All HTML and Plug-In errors resolved
  • All section pages properly meta-tagged
  • Site speed improved, reducing load time from average of 3.8 seconds to less than 1 second
  • Of top ten focus keywords for client, none were on page one (and 8 of them not even page 2). After 120 days, all but one had achieved page 1, with the tenth being page 2 (and it was a product they had just launched in a highly competitive space)

On-Site SEO - Industrial Client

  • Site speed improved, reducing load time from average of 9 seconds to 1 seconds
  • All HTML and Plug-In errors resolved
  • All section pages properly meta-tagged
  • Of top nine focus keyword for client, only 2 were on page 1. After 60 days, all had achieved page one positions within Google

Icing on the Cake

Get a Free SEO Assessment Now

  • Search potential for your site

  • Competitor review

  • Your website’s opportunities to improve