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The 5 Best Organic LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Organic LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Paid ads aren’t the only way to reach a large target audience on LinkedIn. It’s possible to gain a large following and build an audience with organic social media marketing. It may take more time, but overall is highly worth it. Here are the 5 Best Organic LinkedIn Marketing Tips. 

#1 – Engage with Your Industry

Sometimes, people can get so busy posting to LinkedIn that they forget to engage with it. Instead scroll through your newsfeed and comment, like, or share some fellow industry colleagues’ content. Connect with other people and offer to bring value to them, or have a genuine conversation. If they like your content, they may just share it themselves.

#2 – Create Genuine Content

This is probably the most important part in this entire blog; creating real, authentic content. People who are on LinkedIn want to learn, engage and connect with other professionals like themselves. Make your content industry engaging, and make your voice heard. If you’re passionate about a certain topic, let’s say SEO, then write about industry secrets, how to’s, videos, your own stories, and more! Use your own knowledge and industry connections to create high-quality content that offers people valuable and actually useful insights. If you’ve grown your connections and have taken the time to understand what type of information your target audience is looking for, then your content will have a far reach and impact your LinkedIn impressions.

#3 –  Use Other Platforms to Share Your Content

Don’t just stop at LinkedIn! It’s a great opportunity to share your content on other social media platforms. Just make sure you change little things here and there, because not all platforms are the same when it comes to social media marketing. They also carry different audiences that will offer you different things, such as new data, a new target audience or helpful feedback. Cross-posting will grow your audience exponentially larger, and if your content is good, why not be sharing it to as many people as you can?

#4 – Join Groups Within Your Industry

Groups are essentially the perfect LinkedIn target audience. Only a select number of people will join a group that pertains to their interest. For example, young Linkedin marketers might join a group called “Marketing Millennials.” This group might cater their content to younger audiences, who are in a specific field of marketing. This niche allows you to pinpoint who your LinkedIn target audience is and share content within that group other members may find interesting. Be an active participant in the group and don’t just promote your own content. Engage with other members as well, there may be something you yourself learn! 

#5 – Post Consistently

You should be posting on LinkedIn no less than 3 times a week! Consistency is key when building an organic social media presence, and it also skyrockets your LinkedIn impressions.

Posting doesn’t just mean actual social media posts though; this can also refer to posting in groups, writing articles, or posting to stories. Try to stick to 3 main posts a week, but sprinkling in a few stories and group posts. Try to write an article about twice a month and share that to your feed. Just do it consistently, and stick to your schedule.

There you have it, the 5 Best Organic LinkedIn Marketing Tips in a nutshell. Implement these tools consistently and overtime, watch your platform and LinkedIn impressions grow! 

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