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The Salt Lake Chamber

This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Marketing firms help develop strategies, refine target audiences, and determine how to cost-efficiently get messages to the right people. Brian Epperson, CEO of Target River, is here with more about marketing and what his firm does to help others.


As I meet with government departments, nonprofits, education institutions, and for-profit businesses, it amazes me how fragmented their marketing and communications often is — with several agencies trying to provide direction. That’s what makes Target River unique — we are one of the few, true full-service marketing agencies in Utah. In fact, the state purchasing department recently recognized that by authorizing us to do work with any state funded program or department in 14 marketing categories — the average for other agencies is only three.

And what is even more exciting is the value we provide because of our expertise and buying power. For example, one state entity is currently benefiting through our ability to use many more tactics and double the reach of their marketing campaign, with the same budget they previously were working with. Target River can truly provide an agnostic, full-service marketing plan and approach for you.


Radio, television, and newspapers have been marketing mainstays for generations, but technology has transformed the world. Social media, email, texting and more provide new ways to reach customers, and that’s where companies like Target River come in. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.

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