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Tips To Improve Marketing Return on Investment with Google AdWords

Tips To Improve Marketing ROI with Google AdWords

Using SEO to Increase Ad Awareness

An important part of your business that heavily impacts the value gained from Google AdWords is your attention to the technical foundations of your content. Keywords are essential in ensuring that Google AdWords can recognize your content easily. 

Grouping your keywords and phrases in relation to your paid marketing strategies, such as email, links in bios, or anything that requires a click, will improve the relevance of your Google AdWords and increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines. 

These words must be updated from time to time and from campaign to campaign as pairing keywords together attract more people who will click on your site to maintain a high level of awareness. 

Apart from your ads, ensuring your website is appropriately optimized will also impact the quality of the visitors you get from your paid marketing. When viewers are redirected to your website, ensure it is optimized for mobile and desktop platforms. This will ensure that each platform functions properly and keeps visitors from being pushed away because of a poor user experience. 

Also, site navigation is vital in ensuring users can easily navigate every part of your site. Finally, we want to make sure that our website is running smoothly. This involves minimizing loading times between pages and different links within your website and minimizing data buildup within programs like HTML and JavaScript to speed up load times. 

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Bid Strategy Optimization

Google AdWords operates on a bidding system. This means that Google will run auctions for certain time slots to publish ads. Many companies have adopted a strategy targeting days of high web traffic to run their ads. 

The most commonly targeted segment is the sale period. These “seasons” are valuable to marketers because more people are using the internet to take advantage of the new sales from businesses. This is an excellent time for companies to increase the number of ads they run that day. 

More awareness is generated from this strategy, and you’ll see a boost in your conversion rate and ROI. It’s also valuable to stay consistent with your bidding. Companies often use a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding system to efficiently analyze trends in data and make informed decisions on the best times and bid prices for their ads. 

For days that require more advertising, companies should manually check rates and times to account for changes in online activity. Most companies will usually hire a separate party to do this, however. 

Target River is a full service marketing agency with PPC management capabilities. It has a specialized team of PPC managers who dissect company information and formulate a personalized strategy to manage when their ads are released, where they will be seen, and who will be seeing them.

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PPC Automation to Improve Efficiency

One of the ways that a marketing agency can improve its efforts is through automation. By switching from manual strategies, more people can reduce costs and increase efficiency with their marketing efforts, resulting in an improved ROI. 

Automated strategies are designed so content creators can create and schedule ad campaigns based on their keywords and targeted seasons, eliminating the need for them to be present in person to implement AdWords. 

This is a particular area where the Target River thrives, as we are very versatile in the scale of the campaigns we manage. Some are large, and some are small, but all can be tailored to a specific demographic, state, or even neighborhood. 

With the ads receiving the highest conversion rates, they likely have more spots running than others. This is especially useful if you want to avoid wasting time manually selecting timeslots. 

To make this strategy positively affect your ROI, your content and SEO managers must have their target keywords fully optimized to give the best quality information. This is because automation heavily relies on the level of research you do regarding the best times for your content. 

Paid marketing thrives on doing background research before launching ads and adjusting them accordingly based on the target audience. When there’s a lack of density within your keywords, Google will generalize your campaign and use the highest-performing words to compensate. 

Target River’s SEO team specializes in making sure the content that will be published is adequatly optimized to maximize value within your advertisements. If you are looking for the right team to build your SEO strategy with Google AdWords, contact us today for a quote!

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