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Visit Solana Beach Voted Southern California’s Friendliest Beach Town

solana beach

This charming seaside community is nestled along the northern coast of San Diego County and is getting the attention that it deserves thanks to Mac Williamson and Maryam Hintzen. These two Solana Beach advocates wanted to share their love and passion for the city to potential visitors around the country. Which is why they champion www.visitsolanabeach.com as a hub to share all the wonderful things that the city of Solana Beach has to offer. To help increase public awareness of their website and city, Mac and Maryan deployed a TargetReach campaign to help deliver millions of impressions.

As a thriving city, Solana Beach has a number of business and life-style related services in place to keep things running smoothly and safely for its residents and visitors. Visit Solana Beach exists to offer support and camaraderie for business owners, high-quality schools, a diverse community and safety officials focused on maintaining a pristine and family-friendly atmosphere. Mac and Maryam work hard to promote all the wonderful things that go on every day through Solana Beach such as, delicious restaurants, beautiful beaches, unique fashion outlets, and many other amenities offered throughout Solana Beach.

To help increase awareness of their website, Visit Solana Beach was assisted by a TargetReach campaign conducted by Target River. TargetReach efficiently and effectively targets the right audience and delivers a relevant message using the right advertisement choice of ad platforms. This campaign delivered ads to luxury travelers, vacation intenders, beachgoers located in surrounding communities in Southern California and other top national geographies that show a propensity to travel to San Diego County Beach towns. As a result, Visit Solana Beach saw a significant increase in total impressions delivered to targeted audiences and drove increased online engagement and new visits throughout Solana Beach.

Mac Williamson and Maryam Hintzen personally invite you to come see what’s been waiting for you at Solana Beach which was voted Southern California’s friendliest beach town. To learn more about the success of their campaign visit www.targetriver.com or contact us to schedule your free advertising consultation today

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