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What Does A Full-Service Marketing Agency Do?

Full-Service Marketing Agency

The numbers are in–global marketing spending is expected to reach $408.4 billion by the end of 2022. Digital ad spending is predicted to increase to 59.4% by 2024. Investing your marketing dollars is critical, but where is the best place to allocate them? To put it bluntly: a marketing agency

Understanding Marketing Agencies

Many small to medium-sized businesses look to marketing agencies to generate sales, leads, conversions, brand awareness, etc. And while there are thousands of agencies out there, each one is different regarding solutions, methods, marketing tactics, beliefs, etc. That is why you must get to know who you are working with first before you sign the contract. 

First, let’s look at the definition of “marketing agency.” Marketing agencies, which are also called marketing firms or marketing companies, help clients implement and manage marketing campaigns and strategies to achieve their business goals. Depending on the size and capabilities of the agency, they specialize in aspects of marketing, such as social media, paid advertising, SEO, and even videography, radio advertising, and a lot more. 

Here is an example of what a marketing agency can do:

Identify the right marketing strategy: Marketing agencies work with clients to pinpoint marketing strategies that will drive the best business results and maximize return on investment. 

Implement marketing solutions: Marketing agencies execute and manage marketing campaigns for clients using their provided solutions. 

Evaluate marketing results: Marketing agencies monitor their marketing campaigns and use data analysis to ensure the campaigns are running successfully.

Now that we have established what a marketing agency is, let’s talk about full-service marketing agencies. 

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The All-In-One Full-Service Marketing Agency

A full-service marketing agency basically means it has it all. This is a business’s best bet if they’re looking to take their marketing seriously and want the complete package. Here is an example of a full-service marketing agency’s services:

This particular example is from Target River’s website. Target River is a full-service marketing agency. A full-service agency should provide the following services:

  • Direct Mail 
  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Social Media 
  • Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Development 
  • Website Design & Development
  • Radio Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • And more! 

Target River also has a few extra services, such as app download services, TV ads, out-of-home advertising, GPS services, and more, but a full-service marketing agency should have all of the services listed above.

If you would like to partner with Target River, click here.

Structure of Full-Service Marketing Agencies

There are typically three main divisions of a full-service agency–account services, media specialists, and creative teams.

The “account services” division is responsible for all communication, relationship building, and contacts. This team manages client relationships by bringing new clients in and focusing on retaining their existing clients. Under this division, there will be project coordinators, account managers, and even account assistants. 

The “media specialists” division is responsible for selecting which media outlets are best for each client. They start by learning the specific details of each client’s product or service, analyzing the market competition, and being vast in knowledge about current media trends. They consider the advertising budget, as well. While a creative team’s design may look great and seem aesthetically pleasing, the media specialists’ job is to know when it will or will not succeed in any given media outlet. 

The “creative team” division is made for quite literally, coming up with all the creative content, such as designs, logos, prints, videos, etc. They develop the actual advertisements. The creative team may also have a copy department responsible for writing all the copy, or words, that you see in a design or advertisement. They prepare layouts and storyboards and create visuals for the client to review.

These three teams all work together to produce results and delight each client. 

Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing Agency

One of the top benefits when hiring a full-service marketing agency is that they know how to help your business grow, using a dozen different, yet effective, tactics. A full-service marketing agency has it all, especially experience and the capability to tackle challenging and in-depth projects. They have the knowledge and skillset to work with any client that comes their way, including you. By building out growth strategies for your company, an expert full-service marketing agency will be able to get you to where you want to go. 

A full-service marketing agency should be no stranger to you by now. As an all-in-one solution, these agencies can curate compelling marketing results for you and your business.

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Recently named the best marketing agency in 2020 and the State of Utah’s go-to agency, Target River is proud of being an upfront, well-rounded, full-service marketing agency. We work with clientele across the country and have been awarded within fourteen different marketing categories. Want to chat to make sure we are a good fit for each other? Visit www.targetriver.com/contact today! 

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