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Who How What, The Target River Formula For Success


Since our doors have been open for business, Target River has been delivering high quality marketing campaigns utilizing many different tactics and platforms for our clients. Our journey began back in 2016, when we started creating advertising campaigns for many businesses in several markets. As the days turned into months and months into years, Target River has grown into quite the targeted marketing agency. Our client list has grown exponentially and the variety of our clients speaks to how well our Who, How and What formula works to drive results for our clients. We are very excited to support our many clients, and even more thrilled about our client list expanding into many states.

At Target River we know that every client is different when it comes to their advertising needs and having to adjust our plan of attack for each client allows us to create more personalized and effective advertising campaigns everytime. Our Who How What formula allows us to efficiently and effectively deliver your businesses ad to the right audience (Who) using the right channel of communication (How) and delivering a relevant message they are interested in (What). By focusing on these three aspects, we are able to deliver effective advertising campaigns for each of our clients.

Relevancy is key when advertising because people that receive ads from brands they are interested in, consumers are more likely to purchase that good or service offered by your business. When executed properly this formula is a great tool for our clients to extend the reach of their ad campaigns, generate better quality leads and significantly increase their brand awareness in the community. This Who How What formula has proven time and time again to generate success regardless of the market or industry that it gets introduced to.

We are very grateful for all the success Target River has been able to generate, not only for ourselves, but all of our clients that have seen tremendous growth since coming on board with us. You have worked hard to get where your business is today. let Target River help you share that story to all the people that are waiting to hear from you.

About Target River

Target River is a target marketing firm, backed by global buying power to deliver cost-efficient campaigns. Our team utilizes on point targeting with pinpoint accuracy. We exist to delight our clients with campaigns that effectively target the right audience, reach that audience through the most cost-efficient tactics, and deliver the most relevant message. Target River was recently recognized as “The Best Target Marketing Company” in the United States. For further information, please contact brian@targetriver.com or call 619.330.0153www.targetriver.com.

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