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Why Blogging Should Be Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Blogging Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing StrategyBlogging in the marketing world has become an essential ingredient to your digital marketing strategy mix. Creating and maintaining a blog allows any business or organization to connect with consumers and give them valuable information they may be searching for. Blogs build brand awareness and brand trust with potential customers and eventually convert them into leads.

Creating a blog is a great way to get shareable content about your business out on the web. All of the best branding campaigns contain some kind of blogging strategy. So what’re a few reasons that you should start publishing blogs on your website? Let’s dive into some of the top benefits of creating a consistent blog presence!

Keep Your Customers Up To Date

A blog is a great place to keep your customers or potential customers updated on what is happening within your organization. New product release? Write a blog about it! Did your company participate in a fun event? Tell your customers how that contributes to the strength of your team or business.

Blogs allow you to communicate important messaging directly to consumers about your business. Whether you are creating evergreen content that will last the test of time or timely content that is trend-focused, creating blogs around topics your consumers are interested in will help keep them engaged with your business or organization while also building your brand value.

Dive into Complicated Topics

Another great value of blogs is that they allow you to dive into intricate topics and expand upon important points like you can’t do on other mediums. While mediums like social media are great for brand awareness and generating interest, blogs build brand trust and are great for people who want to dive deeper into specific topics and gain more extensive knowledge on a subject.

For example, a social media post may highlight a new product that was released by displaying the name of the product and a few key features. With a blog, an organization or business can further describe the product features and benefits to their consumers in longer-form content, giving consumers even more information on how the product is superior. 

If you have a service-oriented business or organization, you can create blogs with how-to information and tips to help guide your customers in their decision-making process. Blogging efforts help in building brand value and create trust with consumers. 

Drive Valuable Traffic

One of the main benefits of creating a blog on your website is that it drives large amounts of valuable traffic. When you provide a solution or answer a question in a blog that you create, customers are more likely to visit your website and spend time there learning. 

Search-engine-optimized blogs are the most effective content to drive traffic to your website. Creating content that is fresh and well written, is the key to getting traffic that converts into leads from your blogs. When writing a blog for SEO, it is also important to focus on keyword performance on SERPs, as this will allow you to pop up for even more consumers when they search for things regarding your business or services. 

Internal Linking for SEO

Another SEO benefit of creating blog content is the ability you gain to create an internal linking strategy. With a plethora of relevant blogs, you can create content silos linking from web pages to blogs or from blogs to web pages. The linking strategy you use will help search engines understand what different pages or blogs are about and which pages are the most relevant. A solid linking strategy will help boost your keyword performance on SERPs.

Build an Email Database

If you are creating valuable content that adds value in the eyes of your consumers, blogging can also be a great way to build a large email database. Encouraging blog visitors to sign up for your email newsletters to receive updates can generate more emails for you to send to.

Email marketing is a great tactic to reach customers at a relatively low cost. You can utilize email sign-ups from blogs to reach more people and also highlight new blogs in your email marketing efforts so that consumers can stay up-to-date on the information you are putting out. Email marketing allows you to build a relationship and brand trust with your audience.

Exposure on Social Media or Forums

Blog content is great to share on many social media platforms and forums. Blog links can be used in social media posts, emails, Reddit posts, and many more platforms. Directing users who already follow your brand on these platforms to your website is a great way to get more website visitors and conversions.

Since social media is a highly social platform, as it says in the name, sharing your blogs on these platforms is a great way to get them viewed by more potential customers. Shareable content like blogs do great on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Create The Best Branding CampaignsSo don’t wait one more minute to start creating content your consumers will love. Need help finding topics or optimizing your blog? Contact Target River to help you with all of your digital marketing strategy needs and to create the best branding campaigns!

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