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Protect your brand with TargetBrand by Target River – the ultimate trademark service. We utilize your brand name in paid search ads to ensure trademark protection. Benefit from the expertise of exceptional copywriters, designers, and digital ad specialists, giving your brand a competitive edge while saving costs and boosting exposure. With TargetBrand, you’ll achieve your goals and establish your brand’s name . Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional service!

Make Your Brand Trademark-Protected On Major Search Engines By Our Digital Marketing Agency

Only about 12% of brands have protected their name with search engines. Reduce your CPC by up to 90% and increase the click volume of your website by up to 300%. TargetBrand is the agency that helps your business get trademark-protected on search engines like Google and Bing through cutting-edge digital marketing services. Our #WhoHowWhat strategies have given brands in Salt Lake City and San Diego a winning edge.

Do you have a start-up business and getting scared of the threats from your competitors? Or are an established brand losing traffic to other companies?

We have you covered! Rely on Target River, the most trusted digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City & San Diego. We ensure that your company gets properly trademark-protected from the competition using your trademark name in paid search ads.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency, which is clear about its objectives and services, you have come to the right place.

We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated marketing professionals, SEO managers and digital ad specialists, designers, and copywriters. TargetBrand helps your brand achieve a higher ROI and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Why will you waste bucks on other creative and digital marketing agencies when you have TargetBrand? Our specialized team enhances brands through video and graphic content, social media management, ad creation, search engine optimization research, and strategy.

Come. Let us discuss the various advantages of working with Target River.

Save your money:

Do not waste your money unnecessarily. Don’t get tricked by digital marketing businesses claiming to protect your brand online. Get the perfect digital marketing agency to do the work. Get a chance to locate your target audience with our digital ad specialists. Let our copywriters and designers work on path-breaking communications. As a result, you will become very specific about your spending. With our target-friendly digital branding services, you can reduce your CPC by up to 90%.

Increase the traffic:

An increase in traffic enhances brand awareness and exposure for your website. More website traffic can expand your business, which increases profits. We know how to kick out the competition to gain a competitive advantage. It cuts CPC costs on branded keywords. A trademark-protected brand increases your site traffic and reduces traffic leakage to competitor sites.


Protecting the trust of your business

We work to protect a company’s trademarked name on search platforms to restrict competitors from bidding up clicks on their name and poaching clicks (web traffic) from them. It eventually reduces the cost per click and significantly increases impressions and clicks. It also reduces massive competitor ads appearing during searches.

The Problem

ThroughTargetBrand, we have identified some of the challenges with digital marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Overpaying web traffic CPCs
  • Competitors using your name in their ads and redirecting traffic to their sites
  • Competitors bidding up your cost –  1) Lower CTRs        2) No distributor control

The Opportunities

  • Marketing control
  • Price protection
  • Brand foundation and Trademark

The Solution

Collaborate with TargetBrand, the best digital marketing agency, to implement your trademark complaint effectively to get lower base price CPC rates and online trademark protection.

Why TargetBrand as your Brand Marketing Agency

TargetBrand, from the digital marketing agency by Target River, negotiates and expedites your trademark PPC compliant with Google and Bing. This process protects branded keyword campaigns with “official site” ads that lower CPC expenses and add new authorization control over your competitors, who can use your brand in their ad copy.

Case Example – Swimwear Company

Cut CPCs from $0.80 to $0.12 on branded traffic searches and cut traffic going to competitors.

Next Steps

  1. Get a case evaluation from a Google Partner Agency
  2. Find out which competitors are impacting your business
  3. Assess monthly savings & risk reduction opportunities

As a top digital marketing agency, TargetBrand ensures that you can control and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who can use your brand in their ad copy.

All you need is the trusted, result-driven digital marketing agency with the most insightful growth strategies in Salt Lake City and San Diego. TargetBrand has the best talents and resources to help your brand gain maximum revenue, competitive advantage, and success.

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