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Digital Integration: Combining Radio Ads with Online Marketing for Maximum Impact

Digital Integration: Combining Radio Ads with Online Marketing for Maximum Impact

Radio and online marketing are powerful tools on their own. However, use them together, and it can have a phenomenal impact on a marketing campaign, bringing amazing results to any company that uses them. Want to learn how? Reach out to Target River’s TargetAudio and other services and strategies we can provide you!

Radio and online marketing both have great advantages and unique features, but they also have drawbacks in reaching out to potential customers and engaging consumers. This is why the results radio and online marketing produce when used together are incredible and can greatly strengthen any marketing campaign. See how this is possible below!

  1. Boost Brand Awareness

It takes about five to seven impressions, the number of times someone sees or hears an ad, before customers begin recognizing the brand. The more awareness a brand has, the more likely sales and repeat customers will occur. This is a great advantage in delivering messages over multiple platforms, especially with radio, since so many people listen to the radio every day. With TargetAudio and other Target River resources, we can help you understand why consistent branding is so crucial for awareness. Jingles and voice for the radio, and logos, typography, and colors for online marketing. Having both a visual and an auditory message will make it even more memorable.

  1. Expanding Reach

Since so many people listen to the radio every day, using it is a fantastic way to expand a company’s reach. Throw in online and digital marketing to make the campaign more targeted, and this combination can provide a huge reach for your target audience. Your products and services can’t be purchased if your audience doesn’t know your company exists, so by targeting specific audiences based on area, interests, and other criteria, you’ll make a huge impact.

  1. Increased Ad Frequency

Ad frequency is always a balancing act, as you want customers to know about your brand, but you also don’t want to oversaturate and potentially bore or frustrate people from hearing the same ads over and over again. However, this makes radio and online advertising perfect if you use them hand in hand. Having multiple platforms will let you provide variations of the same message without overwhelming the audience. With Target River’s help, you determine the ideal frequency of your ads so that your company can increase their impressions.

  1. Drives Customer Action

Why is it important to have both radio and online ads running? About 88% of radio listeners will research a product online after they hear about it over the sound waves. Most of this research results in a purchase! Even 70% of mobile searches convert into action within an hour! This is a great strategy as it leads to more exposure as they hear it from one source and then see it again in another, allowing interest to grow and action to be taken. This leads to the ultimate goal of driving sales and increasing revenue, which Target River can make happen!

  1. Witness Measurable Results

More than anything else, a combined radio and online campaign will bring in more ROI than either campaign on its own. It wraps up all of the goals of a good campaign into one package: boosting awareness, expanding reach, optimizing message frequency, and expanding customer interactions overall. Target River has seen many similar results in many campaigns that utilize these marketing tactics with our TargetAudio, TargetReach, TargetBrand, and other services.

Unite Radio and Online Marketing

If your aim is to have the most impact on your marketing campaign, then learning how to utilize radio and online marketing together is the key to everything! By marketing on many platforms, the message your business is striving to deliver can be promoted several times in different ways without losing its meaning. With Target River’s TargetAudio, TargetBrand, and other marketing services, we can assist you in integrating the best tactics into one consolidated strategy that will uplift your sales, increase customer loyalty, and help your company grow further than it ever has before. Contact us now, and we can start your next campaign and bring you the results you want!

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