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How To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign

How To Launch A Successful PPC CampaignPay-per-click advertising is exactly what it sounds like!  Each time an ad in a PPC campaign you produce gets clicked on, you pay. PPC can be a great option for businesses to get a great ROI when they advertise. Since you only pay when your ad is shown or clicked, it can be very cost-effective.

PPC campaigns can be created on different platforms like Google, Yahoo, and various social media platforms. PPC marketing is a great way to boost awareness, interest, and conversions for businesses in multiple industries of different sizes.Want to set up a successful PPC campaign? Follow the steps below to start boosting your business:

Do your Keyword Research

The first step to creating google AdWords PPC ads or PPC ads on other platforms is to get to work doing some research! When selecting keywords, multiple factors need to be taken into consideration. Finding high-impression keywords that are not too competitive is essential for creating PPC advertising that will work for you. In addition to the impressions to competitiveness ratio, it is important to consider different aspects like long-tail keywords vs. single words, branded keywords, negative keywords, and product or service-specific keywords.

Refine Your Targeting

Narrowing down who you want to show your ads to and how you are going to create that audience on different ad platforms is the next step. When you have an audience in mind, different targeting can be applied, like excluding people outside of specific age ranges or locations. Targeting effectively will ensure that your ads are shown to legitimate potential customers and will convert more people!

Determine Your Budget

Once you have the correct keywords and targeting in place, the next key step is determining your budget. Defining a specific budget before you run your ads will prevent overspending. Putting the budget in place and utilizing smart bid strategies will help you optimize your ad spend.

Structure Your Campaigns

With the other aspects lined up, structuring the google PPC campaigns will be the next step. Grouping similar keywords into different ad groups can help you see what performs best and allows you to refine your targeting and budget even more.

Consider Competitors

Analyzing competitor’s PPC AdWords efforts can give you valuable insights into optimizations to make. With different research tools, you can see how your competitors are performing and what mistakes they are making that you can learn from.

Draft Ad Copy

With the targeting, ad group structure, and budget in place, next, you can work on creating ad copy for your PPC campaign that will grab the attention of potential customers. When drafting ad copy for PPC, it is important to curate copy that is specific to the platform you are advertising on, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, etc.

Optimize your Landing Page

Once you are ready to start running your ads, you want to make sure that the web page you are directing clicks to is relevant to the ad and what customers may be searching for. A relevant landing page is a page that is easy to navigate and includes details about the information displayed in your ad. The easier the process and the more user-oriented it is, the better your ads will perform!

Track your Results

When your ads are running and you are using PPC services, don’t forget to track your results! Analyzing the current and past performance of ads will help you make smart choices with your budget and implement important changes. Don’t spend money you can’t track!

Don’t wait any longer to start getting the word out about your business, service, or organization! If you are worried about navigating the paid ad world on your own, a PPC agency can help you get started and guide your efforts.

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