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TV Advertising Trends to help you in 2022

TV Advertising Trends

Thinking about how to best utilize TV advertising for your business or want to learn more about the best TV advertising agency? Then you’re in the right place! Read below about the best television advertising trends to help you and your business in 2022!

While many things have changed in recent years, even just in the past few years, TV ads are still one of the best advertising mediums. It might not have been your first thought when thinking about the most popular or effective advertising methods in 2022, but it’s true. There are many different benefits to choosing television advertising, but it can boil down to choosing the right TV advertising agency for your business.

Some decisions about your business might be difficult to make, but following the right TV ad trends will significantly help your TV marketing strategy! Read below about the top three trends in the TV advertising industry right now.

  1. Engaging with Mobile and Multi Screen Users

Thanks to the advancement of technology, television can now be watched on any screen imaginable! Many users have switched from traditional television to subscription services or have their network’s “on-demand” services on their mobile devices!

Ignoring this other subsection of normal television users can greatly hinder your advertising potential! Including all aspects of television advertising will expand and help develop a stronger and more impactful marketing campaign.

Not only are mobile device users important to include, but also people who have taken the habit of using multiple devices or screens at the same time. It’s hard to stay focused on one screen at a time, with people often scrolling through social media or other apps on their mobile devices while still watching something on another device like a television or computer.

Television advertising is not just about showing your business on one platform anymore. It’s about the continuity of content throughout multiple channels and platforms that allow media consumers to feel connected to your business on multiple levels.

  1. The Rise of OTT and Streaming Services

As briefly mentioned, streaming and “on-demand” services are on the rise! Not only that but so are Smart TVs and other such devices, like over-the-top or OTT devices, that allow consumers to enjoy entertainment in a different way than the average television channel.

While there are ad-free subscription services or special packages that consumers pay extra for on services such as HBO Max, Hulu, and more, there are still opportunities for impactful advertisements! When using a streaming service such as HBO Max, not everyone pays for the “premium” ad-free package, so plenty of users see advertisements as usual. But instead of the advertisements being selected because of the station’s area, users are presented with curated and specific content or advertisements!

Like online or web advertising, you can advertise to more specific audiences and demographics that would likely resonate with your content or business way more than if you were targeting a broader and less specific audience. 

  1. Interactive Advertising

As one of the many perks when advertising through modern technology, streaming services have presented a unique opportunity! Instead of only being able to show your business or talk about it, like an average television commercial, there are opportunities for interactive content!

Streaming platforms such as Hulu or Amazon have begun offering consumers options to watch an advertisement, visit that business’s website or see the product. It makes the consumer think more about what they are watching or seeing instead of tuning out advertisements that they feel aren’t important. 

Not only that, but since streaming services are mainly used on smart devices such as mobile phones or Smart TVs, there is the opportunity to have clickable buttons to invite the consumer to visit your website or contact your business! This gives potential customers the chance to consider how they fit in with the advertisement they just saw and heard and makes them think more about the business as a whole instead of being more focused on waiting for their show or program to come back.

Modern consumers have become less susceptible to advertising that doesn’t resonate with their personal values or fit in their lives. Having interactive content allows the potential customers to think more critically about your business, products, and services and how they can see themselves in it.

As technology changes throughout the coming years, marketing and advertising will continue to change and evolve with it, especially in the video advertising industry. Harnessing the power of TV advertising and utilizing it well is a crucial step in any digital marketing plan. Not only that, but having a great advertising agency by your side is the best way to ensure your business will thrive with great quality advertising.

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